Gourmet Coconut Extract Paste

Made using Pure Coconut water and a traditional extract of real coconut, our natural and concentrated paste delivers a fresh and true flavor in your baking.

Taylor & Colledge pastes replace traditional extracts, and because they are concentrated you do not need to add as much. Simply use 1/2 tsp of paste for 1 tsp of standard traditional extract, adjust to taste. Each paste comes in a no mess tube, making it easy to measure.

Gluten Free, Not Genetically Engineered, Preservative Free.
Application: Try in both sweet and savory recipes. Ideal for batters, cake mixes, desserts or as a low fat coconut cream replacement.


Coconut Water, Natural Extract from Coconut [water, alcohol, coconut extractives], Corn Starch, Gum Tragacanth, Xanthan Gum. Contains Alcohol (30%). CONTAINS COCONUT.

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