Experts in vanilla

Perfecting the craft of vanilla for over a century

In 1897, Taylor & Colledge won its first award for excellence in vanilla. Since then, the Taylor & Colledge commitment for unsurpassed quality has earned its reputation as one of the world’s finest producers of vanilla.

Experts in vanilla


Our commitment to quality is celebrated in our vanilla products and our range of gourmet baking pastes.

Taylor & Colledge specializes in real flavor. We use only the finest ingredients, extracted straight from the source, to create true flavor and aroma in our baking pastes.

Vanilla Fudge
A sweet, creamy and delicious treat the whole family will love.

Preparation 20 mins + chilling time
Serves 24
Cooking 6 mins
Difficulty Medium
Storage 2 weeks in the fridge 3 months in the freezer

Perfecting the craft of vanilla for over a century

Founded in 1897 in Brisbane Australia, Taylor & Colledge have been refining their proprietary extraction techniques for over 120 years.

Our passion is vanilla. We hand-select only the finest grade of vanilla beans to use in our products which ensures we always deliver real aroma and flavor.

Our products are available in over 9 countries and our range is trusted by the world’s kitchens.

Committed to the fair, ethical and sustainable sourcing of Vanilla.

Over the years Taylor & Colledge has pioneered a number of country specific programs to support growers, their families and to make the vanilla industry more sustainable.